Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 5th wedding anniversary!  I have been married to this wonderful man for five whole years.  I can hardly believe it!  To celebrate, Halle is going to stay with Nana and Papa tomorrow so we can go to a movie and out to dinner.  AND...we are going to get a wedding band made for my ring.  We are very excited about that and had planned to do this before we got "the call" about Halle.  So, we've put it off for a little while.  I could tell you so many things about Aaron.  He's handy, cute, cuddly and most of all...he loves Jesus with all his heart and soul.  Now adding to the list is the fact that he is truly the best Daddy ever.  Halle loves her Daddy so much...that is already evident.  She is truly a Daddy's girl!  I love that!  I love to see Halle asleep on her Daddy all sweet and content.  I love that he calls her "Halle Bear".  I love that he loves me...when I have spit up all over, I haven't showered and I need a haircut.  God placed this AMAZING man of God in my life just when I needed him.  I could not have asked for a better mate.  One who fits me so well.  I love you Aaron!!  I'm looking forward to many, many, many more anniversaries...........Your Princess


Dena said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you guys!! Can't wait to see ALL!

I am proud of you guys for still going out on a date! WOW. Impressive!!!! :)


Mighty M said...

Congrats! Mickey and I are only one month ahead of you - Nov. 8, 2003. Hope you are enjoying life with that little one. And i totally agree about being emotional all the time as a mommy. I tear up all the time!