Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Visit with Auntie Dena

Auntie Dena came to visit us this week and we were so glad she did!  Just her....thanks Uncle Josh for hanging with the kids we really appreciate it!!  She arrived about 9pm on Wednesday and because of this winter storm we're having she had to leave about 2pm on Saturday!  What fun we had.  On Thursday Auntie Sarah, Auntie Denise and their kiddos came to visit and meet Halle for the first time....they came at 10am and we had so much fun we traveled into Lynden for lunch at the Fairway Cafe.  What a blessing they are to us!!  Dena and I went to our favorite store, Fairway Country Furnishings and finished some Christmas shopping.  Halle was a good girl and enjoyed hanging out in her stroller.  On friday, we all slept in...including Miss Halle.  We ventured into town to the Family Bookstore and The Little Red Wagon...then, we got to meet Auntie Jess and Justice at Starbuck's!!  HOORRRRAAAYYYY!!!  We had lots of fun and can not wait to see them all again.  On Saturday morning before she left Auntie Dena gave Halle a bath.  I was not looking forward to every time I have given her a bath she has screamed her head off!!  Not fun, for me or her!  But...Auntie Dena rocked!!!  And Halle didn't make a peep...and now, Mommy can do it too!  Having three kids and one on the way, makes for a relaxed, wisdom-filled Mommy and I needed that!!  I'll leave you with a picture of Mr. Justice...he is the cutest.  I can't believe how chubby he is now....and he so reminds me of his big Brother, Jake when he was that age!  But...he has red hair like his big Sis, Savannah.  Honor was home with Daddy, so...hopefully, we'll get to see him next time.  

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