Monday, August 18, 2008

Adoption Update --

Well..I received an e-mail from Margaret at the agency today.  The copies of our photo album and birthmother letters arrived.  Margaret has been on vacation. we wait and pray and pray some more.  I can't believe we have come to this point.......I told Aaron tonight this is such a lesson in faith and trusting God.....will the baby be a boy or girl?  When will it be born?  What will we bring?  When will we leave?  WOW!!  And the list of unknowns goes on and on and on....being a planner I have had to surrender all of this to our Heavenly Father.  I'm trusting HE knows what is best for us!!  We welcome all of your prayers and thoughts.


Stacy said...

Woo hoo, April!

You have everything in! I can't wait to see who God has for you two!


Dan and Sarah said...

oh gosh! i will up the prayers!!!! so exciting!!