Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Adoption Update --

So...because Aaron and I were feeling a little "left out of the loop".  We had sent all of our paperwork into the agency, but...hadn't heard much except for the fact that they had received all our information..I sent an e-mail to Margaret.  I asked what our next step was and how long will we need to be in Texas???  This is how she responded.  Please pray for favor with the Texas Government...we are jumping through the last hoops....  

The first thing, we are still in the process of obtaining your final
clearances through Texas. Because of the Adam Walsh Federal Act that went into effect this year, those who adopt across state lines, in addition to
the FBI prints you had done, must be cleared through the State of Texas. Red tape is always fun, and we are waiting to hear from Texas on your
clearances. Cindy, Administrative Assistant, has been putting in calls for your clearances and several other families. We have yet to hear, but we are pushing things as best we can. The State, during all of this, changed horses
in mid-stream and thus, we got caught doing things one way and they decided
to do them another. That is what we are working on. 

As for the time you will be in Texas, that is anyone's guess. It depends on how fast Texas an Washington process the interstate compact packets and so
forth. I usually tell families it could be anywhere from two weeks to ? Usually it isn't longer than 3 weeks, but I never make a promise when dealing with large governing bodies. We do our best to get you out of here as fast we can so you can get home-not because we are tired of you:)

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