Monday, August 11, 2008

Northwest Washington Fair

Me & my so yummy KING corn dog...oh how I love these's all Joel & Amy's fault!!!

Kaleb really like my corn dog fact, he kept taking bites from me and his Mommy!!

Do you see my enthusiasm?  That is for the goats if you can even believe it!  I've come a long way from being chased by one!  

This year I went to the fair with Joel, Amy & Kaleb.  Aaron isn't too keen on the fair, but...I do really enjoy it.  I love seeing people I wouldn't normally see and eating food that is so yummy, bad for me.  I didn't do too bad this King corn dog and an ice cream cone.  Kaleb did so well and liked looking at all things "truck" and he was more interested in the fans in the animal barns than in the animals...that's a boy for ya!  I think he's going to be a gearhead!  Cars and guitars for him...Aaron can give him some car lessons and his Daddy will take care of the guitar part!  

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