Monday, November 10, 2008


Do you see this?  Something just like this is living RIGHT UNDER our bedroom window!  SO...each night when we go to bed...we hear this big guy calling out to his little lady or maybe it's ladies.  We aren't certain about that!  SHEEESHHH!!!  What we have folks, in Aaron's words, is a bunch of horny toads.  They are so loud on Saturday night they even woke Aaron and I from a sound sleep.  Trust me, that takes a lot. Well...I know that some of you will think we're crazy, but we are still sleeping with our bedroom window cracked.  Really, in all honesty, it's kinda fun to spend the night with the frogs!

1 comment:

Dena said...

isaac has taken to a little noise maker at night, so as i type this, i TOO can hear some frogs :)

open window=more snuggling in bed....AMEN SISTER! :)