Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas -- I'm thinking about Christmas and the fact that it's coming right up....sheesh!  Time flys...but, not while you're waiting for a baby...seriously.  We thought we'd have our baby by now, but...God hasn't found the right one for us yet.  So, we prepare for the holiday season without a little one in the house.  I know we haven't had Thanksgiving yet, and guess what?  I'm really excited about that too!  I love the holidays and spending time with family, eating yummy food and sleeping in...three cheers for all of that!  I have started my Christmas shopping and I'm working on a really fun gift for my Mother-in-Law right now.  She'll love's a joint effort with all her kids and grandkids...super fun.  I have a gift bought for Aaron, my Mom & my sister, Amber.  I'm looking for the perfect Christmas card idea and I'm thinking I'm might just do a picture card this year and not make them.  It's so much work, and really, I'll be spending less money if I do it that way.  But...never fear, I'll include a Christmas letter as well.  So...share with me your thoughts on Christmas and what your family does....I would love to hear!!  


Saralee said...

Well . . . I am crying!! Your Mom just e-mailed me and I am sooooooo excited for you two!! How wonderfully awesome is Christmas going to be this year?? It will be your best EVER!!!! God's special gift to YOU!!
I love her already and can't wait to hold her!!
Love ~ Hugs ~ & Blessings~

Denise said...

Funny what a difference one day can make, huh? We are excited to meet little Halle!

Have a great rest of the week!

Carrie said...

Hi there April...long time no see! I saw your comment on my blog so of course I had to come & check out yours. Thank you for your words. :) I am guessing that by the looks of these two comments that a precious little one will be in your arms very great is our God!!!! Many blessings to you & Aaron!!!