Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Getting Ready

Wow!  Yes, I should be in bed!  NO, I'm not.  The washing machine is going and so is the dryer...and Aaron is already in bed asleep.  I can't sleep....I'm waiting until I get really tired.  That should be shortly.  I have washed so many pink pieces of clothing I think I lost count!  I love every single one of them.  The little socks, blankets, onesies and the cutest jeans you have ever seen.  My Mom and sister had a fun day Sunday and spoiled Halle Grace.  She has the cutest red Christmas dress you have ever seen with shoes to match.  We're hoping she can wear it for her dedication as well.  But, Nana might have to make her a little sweater...it's short-sleeved.  I talked with Halle's foster Mom on Saturday night and loved every minute of getting to know little Halle better.  What bottles she's taking, yes, she has a binky...she spits up a little after feeding and is sleeping pretty well.  Her foster Mom also offered her pack-n-play before I even asked and a little rocker/bouncer type thing that Halle really likes.  We are so grateful for this foster family...they truly love our little Halle.  Please pray for them...I'm sure this is going to be rough.  Tomorrow is a day of errands...haircut for Aaron, pick up prescriptions, buy shampoo....get my red shoes from my Mom (she borrowed them last week), drop off keys to our car and house to My mother-in-law and sister-in-law, pick up video camera....and the list goes on....finish packing is in there somewhere.  Hopefully, we'll get to sleep a little bit.  Our flight leaves at 5:40am.  You may find me here again tomorrow...hopefully, not!  In closing I have to mention the oh-so-cute blanket that Halle got today from her Nana and Auntie Leah.  I love it...and so will she.  It even has a "tickle" edge!!  Blessings....I'm off to bed now!


Dana Lohrer said...

So exciting to read all of the fun stuff your little girl has received! So ready to "see" your precious baby girl in all of her new outfits! I can't even imagine all the emotions that you all are having right now! Many blessings and can't wait for all of your posts about all of the new adventures you and Aaron will have on this journey called parenthood!!!

Barker Musings said...

Wow it sounds like you are getting ready to go to a planned c-section only without the long recovery. I am so excited for you. Can't wait to meet her.

Gienger Stuff said...

Hi Aaron & April

Wow! Congratulations on the new little one Halle. We just received the pictures from Amber. We are at Lisa and Dwayne's now. Just arrived back from Puerto Vallarta yesterday via Dallas, TX. Not my choice but had a three hour layover there yesterday afternoon. So were probably close to where you are picking up Halle.

We will be leaving with Brett & Pam today after lunch for Kennewick for the volleyball State Tournament in Kennewick. So that should be fun.

Again we are really excited for you two with the new addidtion to yor family and she really looks like a cute little one. Better run, Love Uncle Ron & Aunt Ione