Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Here are some of favorite pictures of Jess through the years....Enjoy!!!

So tomorrow is one of my best girls birthdays...yep, Jessica Belle is turning FOUR!!  I can hardly believe it....I remember the day Dena called to tell me she was pregnant...we were so excited and praying it would be a girl!!  Josh and Dena chose not to find out until little Jess was born!  We were even more excited then!  Can I just tell you about this girl?  She is a princess through and through...hence the picture of her painting her room while wearing a hot pink dress, at least I think it's a dress!  That is so typical for her.  She detests wearing pants, even while camping.  In fact, let me just relay a story about our camping trip to you.  Jess came out of the tent after changing her own clothes I was the first one to see her.  She was wearing a halter top and high heeled princess sandals...that's it!  Mind you, we were in Florence, OR and it was a little chilly at the campsite.  I asked her to put something else on....ah, pants maybe???  "No April, I want to look pretty"....Jess, you can wear pants and still look pretty.....oh gosh, I was thinking...where is this going??  I did convince her that it was a good thing and a pretty thing to wear pants...and wearing a long-sleeved shirt under your halter wasn't too bad!  This is the same girl that is curious about all things...I took her to the bathroom on the same camping trip....I needed to go as well and she was with me in the stall.  I went to the bathroom and was pulling up my pants...she says "Do you have Elmo on your panties?"...I'm thinking oh my word, what now....I look at my panties which have large orange flowers on them....AHA!  Those flowers were Elmo to her....but, of course, her Princess panties were better!!!  She is tender hearted and so full of life...and right now she is so excited that she is going to be a big sister yet again!!  We're hoping for a little sister for you Jess!  Aaron and I love you and we are so proud to be your Godparents!!  We pray Jesus blesses you so much this coming year....we know He loves you and you long to know more about Him.  We hope you have a super day with your cousins and friends at your Polka-Dot party!!  Send us some pictures..........

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Dena said...

ohhhhh so sweet. I am JUST seeing this...SO CUTE.

I'm going to read it to Jess RIGHT now.