Monday, October 13, 2008

Honesty...still the best policy! is Monday.  Monday is NOT my favorite day of the week.  But...this Monday was going to be ok...I went shopping yesterday with my Mom and got some cute stuff...I was excited to wear a cute new dress to work today with my fun red shoes.  So...I set off...I was late only about 5 minutes, but...still late.  I live way out in the boonies so I take a back route to Bellingham which usually gets me there faster.  Well....I was taking my usual route and see another vehicle coming at me...flashing his lights.  We all know what that means...a member of law enforcement is up ahead just waiting for an unsuspecting person who is late to work on Monday in her new cute black dress with her fun red shoes!  YEP....I slowed down, but...not soon enough.  Just as I thought I had made it around the corner his lights turned on.  I pulled over and grabbed my EXPIRED insurance card.  Only three days mind you...I had just looked at those cards last night and told Aaron we needed to put them in the vehicles...sheesh!  Our conversation went like this.  Officer: Good morning...are you late for work?  Me: Yes, now I'll be even later.  Officer:  Not necessarily.  Could I see your license and proof of insurance.  Me:  My insurance card is expired...I reminded my husband last night we needed to put these in our cars.  Officer:  It's only three days.  You were speeding...  Me:  I know  Officer:  You were going 15 miles over the speed limit.  That's above my thresh hold for giving a ticket.  But today is your day.  Because you were so honest.  I'm not writing you a ticket!  Slow down and have a good day!  Me:  Thank you so much!  I really appreciate this...and I will slow down!   Praise you Jesus for your favor....I really did not need a ticket today....and trust me, I have slowed down.  I will be getting up earlier so I don't have to speed.........good grief!!!  OH...and the insurance card is in my purse and will be in my car tomorrow morning.


Dena said...

oh well THAT just made my morning. You either paint the picture OH SO well....or, as sad as it is, I just know the senario all too well. :(

Thanks for the laugh this morning.

(it's ALWAYS when you KNOW you're expired--isn't it??)

Stacy said...

Well. Honesty and, just maybe, you in your cute new dress and red shoes. :)