Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lincoln City, OR

So...here are some pictures from our trip to Lincoln City, OR. My Mom, my sister (Amber) and I travelled to Lincoln City, OR March 13-17. We had so much fun!!! If you haven't I really suggest you go. They have a SUPER DUPER outlet mall...all us girls love that, good seafood & FABULOUS views. Amber's friend, Krystal (her husband Jason) and her kiddos: Caleb, Jadyn & Jordan live there and it was Jadyn's third birthday. Amber got to spend a lot of time with Crystal and the kids and Mom and I spent a lot of time together. Thanks to Auntie Gail & Uncle Gary for letting us use some of their time at their timeshare in Depoe Bay! That's where the fabulous ocean view pictures come from. I got to soak in a HUGE soaker tub and sleep in a king size bed the first night. What fun...and what luxury!!! Caleb stayed with us on Saturday night and he and Amber slept in the room with the twin beds...aren't they cute?? That Amber she never takes a bad picture...even in her pj's she's cute!! Mom and I enjoyed some scrumptious clam chowder at "Captain Ron's" and a so yummy crab melt at "Mo's".....mmmmm...I can just taste that wonderful crab!!!! Not to be left out...Amber, who doesn't like much seafood, had a tuna melt at "Mo's" the next day. It also received rave reviews! After we shopped until our feet hurt, I'm serious, we stopped for some Tillamook ice cream. My favorite flavor...ROCKY ROAD! And we even took in a movie for Jadyn's birthday "Horton Hears a WHO!" Good ol' Dr. Suess...it was actually really good for what I gathered as we had a three year old climbing all over us! Jadyn just couldn't decided where to sit. We decided we'd like to go back....anyone want to go with us?????


Amber Millard said...

Thanks for writing such a cool blog about our trip Sis.. It was a great time. I think we should start planning another trip there for Caleb's birthday at the end of June.. I am afraid if we don't go he might be pretty sad.. We will have to talk about it.. Can't wait to go again... Love you You're younger Sis :)

Amber Millard said...
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