Sunday, April 13, 2008

Our Journey - Part 2

Let's begin where I left off. After I had the second miscarriage the Doctor ordered a LONG line of blood tests for me. Oh joy. If I remember correctly, by the time I was finished that day, I had given ten vials of blood. Not all of the the tiny, average ones. By this time, I knew the girls at Northwest Regional Lab really well. And...can I just say...they were great. But...I couldn't say the same about my Doctor, which is why we made the decision to switch in January 2007. By word of mouth we chose a wonderful Godly, ARNP who specializes in infertility. She is sympathetic, caring and I absolutely love her. I remembering leaving her office after my first appointment, full of hope and so excited and satisfied. I felt like someone finally understood me. That is the BEST feeling. She right away suspected I had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, but...wanted to have me tested for Insulin Resistance. More blood work for me. This is the glucose test that all you pregnant women dread get to drink the oh so yummy drink and wait to have your blood drawn. Sweet. I spent my Saturday morning at the lab doing that. My results came back with a **slight** elevation after the second draw. was Metformin for me. This is what diabetics take to regulate their blood sugar. AND...this in addition to Clomid is what helped us to conceive yet again in April 2007. This time I was doing everything right...I was taking a progesterone supplement....taking it easy and we didn't tell anybody. All was seemingly well. We went away for the weekend....I was about 6 weeks along...I woke up that Saturday morning with terrible stomach heart sunk. I just knew. That was it. I remember laying on the floor in so much pain...telling Aaron I just could not do this again. I was really done this time. was he. A big thank you to my friend Dena and her husband, Josh. They let us invade their home that weekend and overstay our welcome. We so appreciate them and the way they let us grieve. They took care of us and we are forever grateful. I took a whole week off of work and just stayed home to "get better". It was like reading the final chapter in a book. One that you didn't want to open up again unless you had a big box of kleenex. Through all of this we had so much support from those we love. I found a wonderful website when we first starting TTC. I have been posting there for three years (and I continue to do so to this day) and feel like these women are a huge part of my life. They all know the ups and downs of trying to have a baby and I'm so grateful for each of them. Within the next few weeks we made the decision that would forever change our lives. Adoption....

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