Saturday, April 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!!!

Today is Aaron's birthday!!  My dear, sweet husband...he's 29 (+5!!!) and in his heart not a day past 20, I'm sure.  I just wanted to take the time to let him know how much I love him!!  I can't believe God has blessed me with someone as dear as him.  He is selfless, sweet, understanding, handy (I love that!) and handsome too!!!  The complete package.  I could not ask for anything more.  We have been through some not so good things together, including our almost three years of infertility.  I wanted nothing more than to make him a daddy!  He will be the best....see, he even likes to play Legos with our nephew Bryce!  He is quiet where I'm outspoken and somewhat loud.  He does not worry, when I sometimes do (I know God doesn't want me to, I've been working on that).  He is calm when I can be somewhat high strung. He is my rock and my listening ear.  He is not so talkative, but...when he does have something to say it is so profound.  God has given him the gift of playing guitar and, me God knew what He was doing.  He is an incredible wood worker and has built not one, but TWO guitars.  One he plays during worship at church. He makes me laugh...and smile.  He is affectionate and, love that!! He is hands down the best at grilling on our charcoal grill.  And...he can fix anything!  I love him and I'm so glad God chose him to be my husband.  And I can't wait to make him a Daddy!!!  
I love you Aaron...Happy Birthday 


Stacy said...


What a wonderful tribute to the husband God gave you! :)

And Happy Birthday to Aaron! :)


Cris said...

I must agree - God knew what He was doing in designing your perfect mate! I have been so blessed by his worshipping example on stage and when reading your blog I get to know even more how totally terrific he is for you, Precious April!