Friday, April 18, 2008

This CRAZY Weather!

I can not believe this. Today is April 18 and it snowed today!!! How crazy is that? I believe our Washington weather brought us a little bit of everything today. I saw it snow, rain, hail & even sunshine. Remember when I posted that spring was here last Friday? Well...I think it's gone. It's currently a mere 40 degrees right now. SHEESH!! I actually said I didn't like snow today...that is so not like me. But, seriously, enough is enough. I suppose it's all because of global warming. Well.....I hope wherever you all may be the weather is better than it is here. I think I'll go back to Lake was a balmy 60 degrees and it wasn't damp there......that is so nice. I was there this week Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for a work conference and trust me....I would have loved to have sat on my little deck outside my room for much longer. But....we all needed to get back to real life. {Sigh}

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