Thursday, April 24, 2008

Prayers for Rylee

If you could would you please pray for this family?  Jeremy, Heather, Skyler and little Rylee are very important friends of our family.  Just a little background on this family...We have camped together for years, were in youth group together and in the same year both of us lost our Dad's.  Jeremy is the manager at our Starbuck's and loves his job and his family, but...most importantly loves our Lord Jesus.  Heather is such a loving, caring Mom and dotes on both of her little boys.  Skyler is happy and silly and gets excited very easily.  Rylee is so smiling, easygoing and a Mama's boy.  This all started when Heather found a lump on Rylee's back and took him to the Doctor.  They sent him to Children's hospital to have an MRI as they thought he had a tumor growing on his spine.  The bump turned out to be a lipoma (fatty tissue), but...they also found a mass the size of a human fist in Rylee's little tummy.  It was pressing on his kidneys and did not seem to be attached to any organs.  So, Tuesday Rylee underwent surgery to remove his tumor.  They were able to remove all of the tumor **that turned out to be the size of a large grapefruit** but...had to take one of his adrenal glands as it was attached there.  Today they received word that the tumor was cancerous.  Here are some words from Jeremy & Heather posted on their website  Website name is: ryleetenkley  "Well, today has been filled with ups and downs for Heather and I.  We ended up getting some results on the tumor and it is indeed cancer.  The kind of cancer is neuroblastoma which originated from nerve cells that didn't develop properly.  So, what does this mean?  I don't know.  What I do know is the Rylee will have to endure more testing starting tomorrow to see if it has spread to any other areas of the body.  This includes a bone scan and a test of his bone marrow.  They said considering the age of Rylee and the way the tumor was enclosed they feel they got it all.  But, they want more tests to verify that there is no more cancer anywhere else.  If there is none then he doesn't have to have chemotherapy"   So, please join me in praying for Rylee Dean.  I pray right now that the peace that passes all understanding will be so evident in this family.  I pray for wisdom, not only for Jeremy and Heather but, for the Doctor's as well.  We know the bigger picture...we serve a MIGHTY God that is bigger than cancer.  We praise you for the miracle you are doing in Rylee's life.  AMEN

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Dan and Sarah said...

Praying for Rylee. I can't EVEN BEGIN to imagine how hard this must be for them!